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Information Privacy Regulatory Coaching

Handling Data

In the information age, data is everything – underpinning our transactions, driving our algorithms, and tailoring the internet to our needs and tastes. But the dangers of misused or insecure data have led to significant problems for users – leading to calls for greater transparency and regulation. Despite the global nature of the web, different nations have adopted different regulatory frameworks for handling data – creating a complex network of regulation that can be difficult to navigate on your own. But Kashyap Partners can help. Whether you are looking to implement best practices, maintain legal compliance, or are dealing with a legal conflict or dispute, Kashyap Partners can help you with your data protection needs.

Some Of Our Services...

Privacy Law Counselling

Data Privacy Agreements

Data Processing Agreements

Multi-Jurisdictional Data Privacy

Data Protection Protocols

Risk Management & Breach Notifications

Data Protection Protocols

In data privacy as in all things, prevention is much more useful than a cure. In order to ensure you handle sensitive data in a predictable, standardized and legally compliant manner, it is important to establish internal protocols for the handling, storage, confidentiality and destruction of this data. The right shape and structure of these policies can vary depending on the type of data handled, the industry you operate in, the size of your operation, and even your specific internal processes. At Kashyap Partners, we can help you identify your data protection needs and structure your data protection protocols to meet all your legal and operating needs.

National & International Compliance

With several national and international standards and regulations regarding the handling of data, it is more important than ever to be mindful of all the regulations that will apply to your own use, generation and storage of sensitive information. However, this complex network of regulation that can be difficult to navigate on your own. At Kashyap Partners, we can help you with your national and international compliance needs, helping you identify needed compliances, evaluate current practices for compliance, and improve policies to better meet your legal needs.

Audits & Analysis

While internal protocols and compliance policies are extremely important in establishing compliant practices, on their own they are merely paper. It is important to ensure that these processes are being implemented correctly and interfacing properly within your operations through regular auditing. Similarly, it is good practice to regularly evaluate areas of potential legal or financial trouble through regular risk analysis. Whether you are preparing for outside scrutiny or managing internal processes, Kashyap Partners can help you with your information privacy auditing and analysis needs.

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