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AI Regulatory & Ethics Coaching

Coaching & Compliances

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a fascinating new application for machine learning processes that has created a host of new opportunities and applications. However, with such a new field comes strong legal uncertainty and significant ethical questions. Trying to navigate this web while staying on the cutting edge and running your business can be difficult – but we can help. Whether you are looking to comply with the law, adopt best practices, maintain ethical standards, or deal with a legal issue or dispute, Kashyap Partners is here for all your AI needs.

Some Of Our Services...

Ethics Counseling

Regulatory Research

AI Ethics Boards

Ethical Analysis

Risk Analysis

Intellectual Property

Audits & Analysis

While internal protocols and compliance policies are extremely important in establishing compliant practices, on their own they are merely paper. It is important to ensure that these processes are being implemented correctly and interfacing properly within your operations through regular auditing. Similarly, it is good practice to regularly evaluate areas of potential legal or financial trouble through regular risk analysis. Whether you are preparing for outside scrutiny or managing internal processes, Kashyap Partners can help you with your AI auditing and analysis needs.

Regulatory Research

With several national and international standards and regulations regarding technology, it is more important than ever to be mindful of all the regulations that will apply to your technology. However, in a rapidly evolving field like AI, the law can change rapidly in word and in application – and vary wildly based on jurisdiction, application, or timeframe. In order to ensure that your venture is fully compliant, it is important to research the regulations involved – both those currently applied and those that may become operative in the near future. Whether you are working on a new initiative or looking for compliance solutions for current operations, Kashyap Partners can help you with your regulatory research processes – guiding you on the current and potential regulatory framework applicable to your business.

Ethics Boards

Working in a bleeding edge field like AI can lead to unforeseen and unique legal and ethical concerns. Many of these risks have been documented – from unplanned bias to major privacy breeches – but these are by no means the end. These risks can pose real risks to your business – damaging your reputation, causing financial losses, or even creating legal liabilities. In order to operate in this field safely, it is important to establish an ethics board capable of analysing your company’s operations, flagging potential risk areas and guiding you on best practices. Whether you need help setting up an ethics board in house or need external support, Kashyap Partners can help.

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